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Meet the Junior Golf Scoreboard Staff

Mac Thayer


We started the Junior Golf Scoreboard in May of 1998 right after my son finished his junior career and was headed off to college. It literally began in a storage room that we sublet from a company. With our one phone we called every tournament we could find and began building a database of events for people to find on our website.

As a former junior golf Dad I knew that parents were struggling to learn more about the sport and how to enter tournaments. College coaches had no way to follow the sport nationally and there was very little information about playing the sport or how college recruiting worked. So we began building the Scoreboard with content that we hope would be useful.

My passions include family time with Porter, Christopher and Alison, working as an adult volunteer in youth ministry, and playing golf

Do you have an idea for us? Give us a call ! We get our best ideas from parents and junior golfers.

Maria Hill

West of Mississippi and Afternoon Shift

Hi, I am Maria Hill, pronounced Mariah by the way – it's a Southern thing. I have been at JGS since October of 2011 and work the afternoon hours, handling tournaments west of the Mississippi so that I can talk to anyone from California who wants to chat.

My background is in library work in the area of cataloging, which I have done at the University of Richmond and the Library of Virginia. My husband, Scott, got me interested in the game of golf and we love playing together whenever we get the chance. We have two grown daughters, Katherine and Susan, who have recently moved back to Richmond from New Orleans and New York, respectively. Katherine is a former junior golfer who still loves to play and will beat her mom every time.

Golf is definitely up there in my top 3-4 favorite things. I don't get to play nearly as much as John, more on the 1-2 times a week if that. I love the fellowship and camaraderie of being on the golf course especially with women who just like to have fun and don’t take themselves too seriously.

John Hayden

East of Mississippi and Morning Shift

Hi, I am John Hayden and I have been working at the Junior Golf Scoreboard (JGS) since September of 2011. I work the morning shift and have the general responsibility for tournaments played east of the Mississippi, Golf and Academic Resumes, sending out client email announcements, updating Website articles and our Homepage.

Prior to coming to the JGS, I worked for 25 years at Dominion – Virginia Power in their Nuclear Training and Nuclear Licensing Departments. I am married and my wife Susie works in a dental office here in Richmond, Virginia. I have 3 grown children, my son Patrick is in the Army and is stationed at Fort Meade, Maryland, my daughter Kelly is a 911 operator for the city of Orlando, Florida and my step son Chris, is media / marketing professional for Zip Corvettes here in Richmond.

I am a member of Hanover CC in Ashland, VA and a fanatical fan of the New York Giants.

Maria and I love talking with parents and junior golfers, so please send us your questions via email or give us a call.