Why subscribe to the Coaches Corner Enhanced Data Service?

This new feature of Coaches Corner has been designed from the ideas and suggestions of your fellow coaches. We have designed several new powerful tools to make your staying on top of competitive junior golf even easier and more focused on the players you are tracking. These new tools include:

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Player Search

"Search Results for any Player" Ever hear of a player that you cannot locate in the rankings or anywhere online? Chances are he or she is in our database. This feature allows you to look for a player by name.

Mobile Player Lookup

Use your smartphone to rapidly fine information about a player you are following at a tournament or that someone told you about. Want to start following their tournament results? No problem. Add them to your recruit folder with one touch on your phone.

Head -to- head player comparisons

For the first time you will be able to identify two players you wish to compare head to head when they have played in the same events. The results will display the tournament names, their scores, their win lost record against each other and the average difference in score.    view sample

Golfer Trend Report

The Golfer Trend report looks back historically at the player's ranking against their graduation year classmates and shows any progression in their class ranking, their scoring differential, and their percentile standing in that class.

Individual player analysis

Includes strength of competition, relative scoring, gross scoring average, First Round/Last Round, etc. and more are being developed every day.

Recruit Results email

When you want to track a player and place his or her name in your recruit folder, you have the option to automatically receive their scores by email. A great feature when you are on the road, or don't want to sign on, or don't want to manually look up scores.

Rankings subscription

This is now included in your Enhanced Data Service. This feature gives you access to the advanced features of the rankings including class rankings, state rankings, and player events being used to calculate their standing.

Score Breakers

This report alerts you to players in your area or anywhere that shoot scores lower than a score you set in your search criteria. These alerts can be emailed to you automatically.

Improved Player Report

The Improved Player Report identifies those players who are suddenly getting better but might not be noticed yet. An upgrade to this option lets the user search by grad year, state, and level of improvement.   view sample
Annual fee $240 ($370 with Improved Player Report upgrade option) - to sign up, call us at 804-935-1800
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