Since 1998 we've been involved with the world of competitive junior golf, compiling information we felt was useful to parents, players and others interested in the sport. Through the years, we've seen the sport grow tremendously to over 2,300 events, nearly 60 junior golf tours, and tens of thousands of junior players worldwide. Through your e- mails and phone calls we have received hundreds of questions, comments and requests. Many of these, along with our opinions and our purpose of growing the sport, are the basis for News & Views. We hope you'll find it informative. Let us know.

Mac Thayer, Executive Director

Rankings News

We've made some changes

We are always looking for ways to improve the rankings, making it fair for everyone. After consulting with others in junior golf here is what we have done and our reasoning.

Weather shortened events - Junior golf requires a significant financial investment by junior golf families and a great deal of planning on the part of the tournament organizers. It appeared to only be fair to include those results and scores when weather was beyond everyone's control.

Failure to finish - When you start a competition all your scores should count unless your withdrawal is "justified". This new approach is not retroactive but all events commencing after April 3, 2017 will be counted.

Missing an 18 hole cut - again all scores posted should count

Partial rounds less than 18 holes- Sometimes events only play 9 holes for one round due to weather. These rounds will be used in the tournament finish but not included as part of a player's ranking calculation. The reasoning is that we could not determine a fair way to use the "partial" round score and it also happens very infrequently.

We hope you all can appreciate the changes and we welcome you comments.

To read a more complete description of how our rankings working please visit About Rankings


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